Bronto Skylift at 2022 Congrès des Pompiers

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We are thrilled to participate in the 128th Congrès National des Sapeurs-Pompiers de France conference held in Nancy, France on September 21.-24.2022. The National Firefighters Congress of France is an annual meeting where firefighters and fire personnel across the country get together with hundreds of exhibitors to exchange ideas and experience the latest innovations in the field of fire and rescue. The event is also intended to be a time of discovery for the general public who will be able to get a glimpse of the world of firefighters. At the conference we will present two Bronto F32TLK aerial fire and rescue platforms sold to local fire brigades. Join us at the event and experience the units yourself. Our team is looking forward to meeting you!

Bronto F32TLK for SDIS 72

Bronto F32TLK Bronto Skylift at 2022 Congrès des Pompiers

The Bronto F32TLK is a compact, fast and easily maneuverable aerial ladder platform for an array of rescue and firefighting missions. This versatile platform challenges conventional fire ladders as a significantly more efficient and versatile choice. It is easy to use, smooth, reliable and packed with safety features that enable you to focus on your mission.

The unit is mounted on a Scania P320 4×2 chassis and equipped with customer specific options such as ultrasonic collision guards in the cage, a stretcher carrier with floor and cage corner mounts and fixing point for bariatric rescue basket on cage floor, a hydraulically driven generator, custom lockers for maximum capacity for equipment, radio remote controls for boom movements and a dome zoom color video camera with integrated thermal imaging at the cage with wireless transmission to tablet up to 200 metres.

Bronto F32TLK for SDIS 73

Bronto Skylift at 2022 Congrès des Pompiers

The new generation F32TLK is everything that has made the F32TLK a trusted and reliable companion, but better. It is faster, it reaches further than ever before, and yet it has a lighter construction to allow more capacity for your equipment. With an outreach of 27 metres, faster automatic jacking, a spacious rescue cage and various other beneficial features, the F32TLK allows firefighters to serve their city in all circumstances. Automatic levelling and boom movements have been optimised to allow quick operation when seconds count and lives are at stake. The compact design and short transportation length make the F32TLK a perfect fit for urban environments.

The F32TLK for SDIS 73 is mounted on a Scania P410 4×2 chassis, has a weight of 19 tonnes and is equipped with similar equipment as the F32TLK for SDIS 72. In addition, the unit has a water pump 6000-10 to allow the vehicle to work alone in various firefighting and prevention operations.

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