Bronto F42RPX aerial platform for Spolana

Bronto F42RPX aerial platform for Spolana

SPOLANA s.r.o., a chemical factory located in Neratovice, Czech Republic,has taken a delivery of a Bronto F42RPX aerial platform to bring versatility to their fire prevention and firefighting operations within the vast industrial area the factory is located in. The delivery was made at the end of April through Bronto Skylift’s local distributor, THT Polička and was finalized with a thorough training at the beginning of May to ensure the safe and efficient use of the platform.

“A fire platform on a Scania chassis with a Bronto superstructure will replace the thirty-year-old machine which served us well. We have been replacing the vehicle fleet for the second year in a row, as part of the modernization of the equipment of the Spolana Fire and Rescue Service” 

Piotr Kearney, Spolana’s managing director

The Bronto F42RPX aerial platform features a three-section telescopic main boom and an articulated cage boom, which provide a flexible working envelope for various operations around complex factory structures. Its maximum working height is 42 metres, its horizontal outreach is over 23 metres and its up-and-over capacity is 9 metres. The unit is fitted with longer outriggers to allow more levelling capacity and an emergency back-up system for maximum safety. The video and thermal imaging camera featuring a live transmission to control system displays increases situational awareness and enables inspection of high-rise and difficult-to-reach structures even with an unmanned cage. The rescue cage has a 3 800 lpm water monitor, power outlets and a stretcher carrier for rescue operations.

The aerial is mounted on a Scania P440 B6x2*4NB chassis with air suspension and the total vehicle weight sums up to about 22 800 kg. The overall transport length is under 10 metres, which makes it easy to drive around any tight corners at the factory and process area.

Bronto F42RPX aerial platform for Spolana

Every year, Spolana company firefighters go to several dozen interventions, assists and false alarms inside and outside the company. Last year alone, firefighters went to 17 fires, 30 leaks of dangerous substances, and 15 rescues of people and animals. They provided technical assistance 299 times and assistance in fire-hazardous work 436 times. Outside the chemical factory area, the Spolana company firefighters help with fires and rescues in the Mělník region, but due to the unit’s inclusion in the integrated rescue system, the deployment of firefighters and equipment is possible anywhere in the Czech Republic. 

“I believe that firefighters with new firefighting equipment maximize their ability to act in difficult-to-access fires at heights, not only in the Spolana area, but also within the region and possibly throughout the whole of the Czech Republic. I will be very happy if this new platform will work as reliably as our fire brigade in Spolana.”

Piotr Kearney, Spolana’s managing director

The Spolana factory currently concentrates on the production of PVC, fertilizers, technical gases, and other inorganic and chemical products. The factory area spreads along the river Elbe and has a total size of 260 hectares and provides jobs to more than 700 employees. Since 2016, Spolana has been part of the Orlen Unipetrol refinery and petrochemical group.

Pictures and videos courtesy of Orlen Unipetrol/Spolana & THT Polička.

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