Aerial Platforms for Safe Working at Heights

We provide you with access solutions that simply work – and a service network to keep them working. Reliably, predictably, year after year. High uptime means secure, efficient and profitable work as well as safe return home when the work is done.

Lifecycle Services for your Aerial Platform

An aerial platform is a long-term investment. Our lifecycle services ensure your aerial platforms are kept in the best possible shape for years and decades to come. Taking advantage of our service offering will help you maximise the value of your investment by ensuring best possible uptime and optimal performance, maintaining resale value, and – above all – keeping your operators and personnel safe.

Success stories

When the technology, hardware and personnel complement each other working seamlessly, the result is a success story. Read how the satisfied Bronto Skylift customers use their platforms for success.

Aerial platform for high voltage powerline rescue

On November 27th 2022, an accident took place in the state of Maryland, USA when a small airplane crashed into 230-kV power transmission lines 30 metres above the ground. The airplane crashed nose-first into one powerline tower due to its low flight altitude and got stuck in a web of powerlines around the stanchion. The…

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JM Tower Hire extends its reach in Victoria, Australia

JM Tower Hire is a Melbourne-based rental company of aerial platforms – or travel towers and cherry pickers as they are widely known in Australia. JM Tower Hire offers services for access needs across industries – from telecommunications and construction works to window cleaning and signage installation. Established in 2006 by owner Jim Mullins, their…

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50 years of access expertise

Half a century ago, firefighter Antti Jalo and his wife Helvi founded Jalo & Jalo, a sheet metal business in Turku, Finland. They used lifting equipment in their work, and as a former firefighter, Antti Jalo soon realised the market needed more rental equipment for safe and efficient working. They transitioned into an equipment rental…

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Far-reaching aerial platforms for tall transmission lines

Manitoba Hydro is a provincial Crown Corporation in Manitoba, Canada, with its roots stretching back more than a century. Today it’s one of the largest electricity and natural gas distributors in the country. As well as supplying power to the whole of Manitoba, its export market includes Ontario, Saskatchewan, and the United States.  We sat…

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SI178HDT LinconHire

Bronto truck-mounted aerial makes line work safer and more productive for Indiana utility

Being a power lineman carries the responsibility of keeping homes and businesses operational. Whether planned or unplanned, power linemen need swift and easy access to maintain uninterrupted service. So, when Sam Hulme, lineman crew foreman for Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO), needed to replace an older, 45 meter truck-mounted aerial lift to help him…

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Bronto truck mounted aerial makes line work safer and more productive for Indiana utility

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