A 60-metre aerial ladder platform to Cyprus

Hand over of Bronto F60RLX in Cyprus

The Fire Brigade at Limassol, Cyprus, has taken the delivery of their new 60-metre aerial ladder platform, a Bronto F60RLX. The delivery was made by Bronto’s local distributor, Spyros Houtris & Sons Ltd.

Supplying such an extraordinary piece of equipment to the Fire Brigade was really a challenge. But with a reliable partner like Bronto Skylift it was just another exciting day a work.

Yiannis Houtris, Managing Director, S. Houtris & Sons Ltd.

Featuring a 60m working height, over 31m horizontal reach and 10-meter up-and-over it provides the Fire Brigade an easy access to many locations. Maximum cage load is 500kg and optional equipment includes for example electricity in the cage, hydraulically driven generator, color video camera integrated to cage and turntable displays, working lights at cage and a stretcher carrier. Unit is mounted onto Scania 8×4*4 chassis.

Bronto F60RLX

The delivery included hands-on operator training, that was conducted at Limassol by Bronto Skylift’s instructor Mikko Laiho. The two-week operator certification training was carried out in three groups, each including 5-6 fire fighters.

The training went smoothly and was quite easy, as the fire fighters already had previous experience from their 32-metre Bronto F32RLX. We did some theory and a lot of hands-on training.”

Mikko Laiho, Instructor, Bronto Skylift
A 60 metre aerial ladder platform to Cyprus

The “final exam” was held on the construction site of Del Mar. The second part of the training will be carried out in November, when part of the operators will do their Senior Operator training, which allows them to train the future operators to use their Bronto safely and efficiently.

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