A 42-metre aerial platform for the MOL Group

A 42 metre aerial platform for the MOL Group

The MOL Group, a multinational oil and gas company based in Budapest, Hungary, has recently taken a delivery of a Bronto F42RPX aerial fire and rescue platform. The delivered unit is the company’s second Bronto in Hungary, joining their first, a Bronto F46RPX, delivered back in 2014. The new aerial platform will be used at the main base of FER Fire Brigade Ltd. to provide fire protection for their facilities as well as extinguish fires and carry out rescues from high places when necessary. With this delivery, the two largest fire departments of MOL Hungary will operate with Bronto aerials.

The Bronto F42RPX includes all the features that have made Bronto aerial platforms a trusted and well-known choice. It features a three-section telescopic main boom and an articulated cage boom, which provide a flexible working envelope for various operations around complex factory structures.

The delivered unit has a maximum working height of 42 metres, maximum outreach of 23,5 metres, up-and-over capacity of 9 metres and a maximum cage load of 500 kg. The rescue cage is equipped with a 3800 lpm water monitor with a colour video camera, a stretcher carrier and LED flood lights under the cage. Other customer-specific options include a hydraulically driven generator at the turntable and a colour video camera mounted onto the boom end.

The aerial is mounted on a Renault D 26 WIDE P6X2 430 chassis, has a length of 10 metres with no overhang and weighs around 24 tons. It was delivered in April by Bronto Skylift’s local distributor, MF-Team Kft., and with the new Bronto F42RPX aerial platform now in service, the fire department can retire one of their older aerial platforms and rely on the performance and safety of their new unit for years to come.

Pictures courtesy of FER Fire Brigade & MF-Team Kft.

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